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World Thinking Day 2021


Celebrated since 1926, World Thinking Day is a day of international friendship. It is an opportunity to speak out on issues that affect young women and fundraise for 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 150 countries.


The theme for World Thinking Day 2021 is peacebuilding.  On 22 February 2021 Stand Strong, Stand up and Stand Together for peacebuilding!

Peacebuilding is at the heart of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting and is as vital and relevant today as for the last 100 years. By completing the steps in the Stand Together For Peace activity pack, Girl Guides and Girl Scouts will; Stand Strong, Stand up and Stand Together for peacebuilding.


  • Celebrate World Thinking Day and be one in ten million!
  • Be inspired by the history and impact of our global Movement
  • Connect with the worldwide sisterhood of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting
  • Take action and speak out on issues we most care about
  • Make a difference by fundraising for projects around the world


World Thinking Day Badge 2021

To find out more information and download a WAGGGS #WTD2021 pack, click here

Peacebuilding is at the heart of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting and is as vital and relevant today as ever. We hope you will use this pack to celebrate World Thinking Day and stand together with over ten million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 150 countries to call for and create peace; in our lives and in the world.  The activities in this pack enable Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to:


  • Understand what peacebuilding means
  • Explore the issues and actions that can lead to conflict and those that lead to peace
  • Empower themselves to be peacebuilders


  • Explore conflict situations from different perspectives
  • Practise adapting their behaviour to resolve conflict and build peace
  • Explore the link between discrimination, exclusion, and peace


  • Make choices rooted in their values
  • Consider the ripple effect of their actions, and how they may impact different groups
  • Take action towards creating a more welcoming and peaceful society


1. Create a ‘brave space’ for your group so that they are ready to fully participate

2. Complete at least one activity from each section of the pack (Stand Up, Stand Strong, Stand Together)

3. Complete the Our Global Promise activity and get ready to act for peace alongside Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world

Pre-order your your World Thinking Day badge and pin!


A tradition since 1932, the World Thinking Day Fund collects pennies and coins from members around the world, to support their fellow Guides and Scouts. All donations help fund WAGGGS activities and are used where the need is greatest in our global Movement.


Thinking Day 2018

February 22nd is a special day for members of Girlguiding. This day, known as Thinking Day, is celebrated by Guides and Scouts across the world and is used by many to learn about Guides in other countries and to remake their promise.

North West Division Celebrations

North West Division held Thinking Day events for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides on Saturday 24th Feb.

Rainbows collected their passports to travel round the world to the five world centres. Activities included games, crafts, science and dancing.

Brownies undertook activities using the letters of the word IMPACT. Activities included Indian dancing, Magic show, Promise knots, Action games, candles and being together.

Guides had a theme of coming together. They did team building exercises and friendship bracelets which were then swapped with another guide. They also tested their guiding knowledge with a scavenger quiz.

At the end, each section got together and renewed their promise.

What did the girls say?

I really enjoyed the World thinking day event my favourite activities were the magic show and the Bollywood dancing it was so fun! It was a great experience I would definitely do it again!
Betsy – 48th Brownies

I really enjoyed the North West Glasgow Thinking day event in Scotsoun Parish church; I enjoyed making the friendship bracelets and then having to swap them at the end. We did a few other activities in different groups of five, such as; a treasure hunt/quiz hunts, where to win, we had to say our promise. Then we got a packet of 15 balloons and had to blow them up and stack them as high as we could, at the end of the day we renewed our promise then sang taps. A big thank you to all the leaders who were involved in this years thinking day event, well done!
Emma – 124th Guides

What the leaders say

It was great seeing the rainbows coming together meeting other rainbows from the division. They enjoyed traveling to the different countries to visit the world centres and especially enjoyed making volcanos!

Amanda – Leader, 263rd Rainbows