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Adult Leadership Qualification

Interested in becoming a leader with us?

You can start working towards your Leadership qualification when you are 16, however, you can only become a leader once you are 18. While working towards your Leadership qualification you will be referred to as a leader in training.

Once you’ve signed up via Join us, you’ll be assigned to a group (known as a unit) and will be given a booklet which helps explain your role in running a unit. Once you’ve completed all the Recruitment Checks you’ll be invited to begin the Leadership Scheme which consists of Three Modules. Module 4 is only compulsory for leaders who will be in charge of the unit.

  • Module 1 Your Role in the Programme
  • Module 2 Your Role in Girlguiding
  • Module 3 Your Role in Unit Safety and Administration

You will be allocated a mentor or if you’d prefer you can chose your own. You should also be given a copy of the County Syllabus which lists all the trainings for the year and details about this website.

The majority of the qualification will be completed with your unit but you will need to attend a training on the section you’re working with and both First Response (first aid training) and Safe Space. There are also various trainings on offer including Blitz the Book which covers many aspects of the qualification.  There is no set time for completion of the Leadership qualification, but it generally takes about six months to complete.

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Adult Leaders