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Ladywood is a small secluded area of reclaimed wild woodland located inside the Girlguiding Glasgow’s campsite, to the right just beyond the woodpile, entered through a wooden gate.

Betsy Fyfe was a Camp Adviser in Glasgow for many years and spent a great deal of time tending the grounds at Achachairdeis. At her death, she left a legacy to Girlguiding Glasgow and her family were eager that a memorial to Betsy should be made at the Campsite. After discussion with her nephew the plan for a “natural area” was born.

It is a quiet untamed area, hidden from view, where girls and leaders can go to sit and enjoy nature. The ground the girls will walk on has remained untouched for over 50 years and Ladywood has attracted wildlife such as Butterflies, Bees, and Dragonflies, Robins, Chaffinches, Sparrows, Blackbirds and Thrushes. Owls and Woodpeckers have been heard, but not yet seen. There have been rabbits living in Ladywood and even Hedgehogs have hibernated here. Toads can often be seen hopping around in the undergrowth. Throughout the seasons a variety of woodland flowers grow such as  Daffodils, Snowdrops, Primula, Bluebells and Wild Garlic.

On the advice of an Environmental Woodland Officer and Conservation Gardener, Ladywood has been cultivated as little as possible. Nettles are allowed to grow so that Butterflies can lay their eggs in safety, wild Brambles flourish as their Berries will provide Summer food for the small birds. Funghi grow in the damp areas of the wood – a testament to the wild management. Logs and twigs remain in-situ to provide homes for the variety of insects who live there.

Can you identify any birds you see in Ladywood?  For some helpful RSPB tips look here.

Venture in with your girls and soak up the atmosphere, have a Nature Trail around it, or escape and take your elevenses or packed lunch inside.

Imagine that the whole area looked like this before farmers worked the land hundreds of years ago and this little snippet of land survived.

All we ask is that you leave Ladywood as you found it – quiet, peaceful and beautiful.

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