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Volunteer Spotlight: Anneka

Anneka is our camping adviser. Working alongside Teresa & Jan, she is a vital member of our outdoors team.

We managed to get her away from the campsite to tell us what she gets from being a volunteer with Girlguiding.

How long have you been in guiding?

I have been involved in guiding since my mum first dragged me along to a guide camp at 18 months old to allow the girls to complete their child care badge….So a long time!!!

What got you involved in the first place & why do you stay involved?

My mum and god mother first got me involved and then I became a brownie as i loved going to camps and big events.

As I grew older into guides I loved that I could try out new things and complete badges and qualifications that helped me get into university and get various jobs.

I also had the great experience of representing Wales in a U.K international to Antigua and Monsterrat at 16, and after that I felt like I wanted other girls to gain as much as I have from guiding.

Also moving from Wales, to London and then Glasgow it has meant I have always been welcomed by my guiding family.

You’re currently a county adviser. What does your role do & how can you help other members of Girlguiding Glasgow?

My role as outdoor residential advisor is to help and promote units going away with their units.

I also am part of the committee that makes sure Archairdies keeps up and running.

Part of my role has been organising a training weekend for leaders and also our county camp.

What is the best bit about your county role?

The feeling of accomplishment was amazing when I stood on the field at county camp and saw all 200 girls enjoying themselves doing the activities that I had help choose. Meeting new people is also a great part.

What do you do for a day job?

I work as a community officer, meeting people from lots of different backgrounds daily.

What else do you do in Guiding?

I am a guide unit leader and also help with brownies…. and have been known to take rainbows on days out too!

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering (not just for guiding)?

Do it! Many people will say that there aren’t enough hours in the day, but for something you enjoy you will always find the time.

You get a great sense of achievement out of watching the girls become young women, but you also develop yourself and find skills you never knew you had!!