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First Aid Opportunities from the Red Cross

We’ve had some information sent over to us for girls aged 10-19 (Guides & Senior Section age groups)

Everyday First Aid for Drugs and Alcohol

These give young people the essential skills and confidence to help in a First Aid setting. The aims are to;

  • Break down barriers to helping others
  • Provide relevant first aid knowledge and skills to treat injuries, such as those resulting from alcohol and drug misuse
  • Build the confidence of young people to help others

Stigma around Migration

These are focused on exploring stigma experienced by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. The aims are to;

  • Help young people explore perceptions around migration.
  • Explore the consequences of population movement and how migrants are portrayed by the media
  • Give young people the knowledge which enables them to empathise with those who find themselves in this situation.

Session Details & How to Book

Sessions tend to be an hour long and can be tailored to the needs of the group. They use youth work methodologies to encourage participation and discussion around the topics.

Unlike traditional First Aid training which focus solely on the skills of First Aid, these sessions also look at people’s willingness to help in a crisis, looking in particular at ‘The Bystander Effect.’ The sessions are also less prescriptive than other First Aid sessions and they use a more simple, common sense framework for helping, rather than using over-complicated acronyms which can be difficult to remember.

Booking can be done by email or phone 0141 891 4009