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Division Diaries – April 2017

North Division

Now the lighter nights are upon us and we are venturing out of our meeting
Places please ensure that you let your District Commissioner know the details.
Have fun  and enjoy the outdoors!

I have managed to arrange a safe space training on Wednesday 24 May from
6.30 – 9.30 pm in Guide Headquarters, Elmbank Street, Glasgow.  This
training has been arranged for our Division so it would be great  to have a good
turnout.  All leaders are now being asked to complete this training  which
will be very  beneficial for all of us.  This training  provides us with an opportunity
to discuss safety, data protection, issues affecting young people and
much more.  please contact me at to book
a place.  Alternatively you can contact me on 07989 171383

Could you please get your completed accounts to your District Commissioner
as soon as possible.  If you need paper copies for your accounts they should be
with you very soon. As in previous years I am more than happy to meet with
anyone who needs a hand with their accounts after all two heads are often better
than one.  Please do not struggle with your accounts just ask for help.

In conclusion I would like to thank everyone who submitted their subscriptions
so promptly.  I know how difficult it can be to raise the subscription fees  and I
really appreciate the effort involved.

Ann Chapman |

East North East Division

Hope you all enjoyed a well earned Easter Break!

Thank you to everyone who came along to the last Division meeting and to Agnes Lafferty for doing a no cook/cooking session. It was also great to have some of our Trefoil girls join us

Please remember there will be a Leaders meeting on Tuesday 9th May in Causeway Church at 8pm for the units going to Blair Drummond, it is important that a leader from your unit attends.

Congratulations to Hannah Jenkins, Rebecca Hyslop, and Lauren Sinclair on gaining their Adult Leadership

A few leaders have been in touch with me about doing their Going Away licence, this is fantastic and l hope you have been in touch with Jane to organise mentors etc,  if their are any other leaders interested please contact me and l can put you in touch with the relevant people to help you.

Can you please make sure your unit accounts get to your District Commissioner on time i.e. the end of April…

Hope you all manage to some enjoy some of the outdoors over the next session

See you at Blair Drummond!

Senga |

South East Division

As we move into our last session before the summer break its good to hear of so many of you attending the County Events and getting out and about with your own special outdoor activities. All we need now is some sunshine.

March seemed to be the month of Trainings, Safe Space (largest attendance in County), First Response, and 7 of us joined other Guiders at the Regional Training Day.  Thanks to all who gave that extra few hours to ensure we are compliant and have fresh ideas to make our unit meetings more appealing. These trainings allowed quite a few requirements to be signed off for those working on their Adult Leadership Qualification, can we get a few more completed before the summer!!

Thank you for getting your Annual Subscriptions paid, by the time you read this all units will be showing as Paid in Full, fantastic.

Next challenge: Accounts should now be closed as at the end of March and brought to the Division Meeting.

Congratulation to Donna and Vinny Bryson on the safe arrival of Anna Emily on the 23rdMarch, looking forward to getting some cuddles from another future Rainbow.

The next Division Meeting will be held on Monday 24th April, Croftfoot Church, at 8pm. We hope to have each unit represented to discuss amongst other things, our end of term get together. Please bring your completed accounts along or contact me before hand to arrange collection if you cannot attend.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Ann |

South Division

I hope you are all enjoying the better weather and getting out and about with your units. it’s great to learn that so many of you are going to the upcoming county events and was also lovely to spend time with you at Dalguise.   There is still quite a bit of unclaimed lost property lying about so please make contact if anyone is missing anything.

Thank you for sending your subscription payments so quickly – at the time of typing only one outstanding.

Next up are the accounts which needs to be with your commissioner in time to be audited and sent electronically to HQ by 31st May

Finally i hope those of you who attended our division safe space training found it useful – remember everyone needs to complete this so please book on the next available one.

Jacqui will be on contact regarding organising an end of term meet up.

Karen |

West Division

Spring is finally here! It is lovely to see the sea of Yellow Daffodils sprawling up Great Western Road so beautiful to look at.

Well done in getting all Census Monies in – I can confirm they have now all been paid for the Division a big well done to you all.

It is that time of year now for the Annual Accounts to come in.  Once you have got them completed and you have your March Bank Statement can you put them through my door or myself or Emma will come and collect them from you.  We would like to have these done before the end of May.  If you are having difficulty with them then please let me know and I  will give you some help.

Our next Division Meeting will be on the 11th May in St Andrew’s.

Our Rainbow 30th Birthday Bash will be on Saturday 13th May from 2-4pm.  All Rainbows will receive an invitation to come and join us for what will be a fun afternoon.  We are looking for some help with the event if you can come then please let me know it will be appreciated.

Our Division Social Lunch will be on Sunday 11th June this will be held in BP Hall. The invitations will be out to you soon.  We thought that this would be a great place to have this rather than in a restaurant.  We have Caterers coming so if you could RSVP by the date given so we can confirm with them the number they will be catering for.  I hope you all enjoy this few weeks of the Spring holidays recharge your batteries in time for the last session.

Thanks for all you do for Guiding in the Division.


Fiona |

North West Division

I hope everyone is enjoying the break for the Easter holidays and is looking forward to starting the new term full of energy and new ideas.

Just a reminder that accounts are now due in so please pass these to Linda Boyle as soon as possible. If anyone has any issues with their accounts please speak to myself or Linda.

Well done to 263rd Guides who completed a 26min danceathon as part of the Mr Men and Little Miss Marathon challenge for Children with Cancer UK. So far they have managed to raise £800.

Congratulations to Amy Harkins (263rd Guides) and Stacey Muirhead (263rd Rainbows) on successfully completing their ALQ.

Lindsay |