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South West Division Update – April

Hi All

Since the last edition of the newsletter we have some great news. We now have TWO new units registered on Go…. The 292nd Senior Section and the 292nd Rainbow Unit, both in Pollok. Congratulations to Rene and her team and Doreen and her team in bringing all this together. We wish you every success, wonderful adventures and look forward to celebrating with some birthday cake in a years time.

The Division meeting this month will take place in Pollokshields Church at 7:30. Hope as many as possible can come along. The focus of this meeting is ‘’Sharing Our Successes’. Bring along your programme ideas for a themed evening and share it with others.

One last thing….. Accounts are now due. Following the success of submitting all our census payments on time, we are hoping for a repeat with accounts. If you are super-organised you can hand your accounts in at the meeting or contact Lynn or I to arrange for collection.

Happy Guiding!

South West Division Update – March

Hi all, Lynn and I are very happy to see how much the Facebook page is being used. It’s great to be kept up to date, especially with all the pictures from the Thinking Day event at the Bridge. Keep it coming!
This month we have a real push on to complete PVGs. All checks need to be completed by the end of March. Lynn and I will be in contact with anyone who has yet to have their application processed.

We would like to say a big thank you to all units who have processed their census payments; there are just a few units outstanding, so hopefully we can make that final push to reach our target of 100% payment by the deadline of Wednesday 16 March (Latest date for cheques to arrive at Trading Services).

This month’s division meeting will be on Friday 18 March 2016 at 7:30pm. See you all there!