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Programme ~ Questions/Drop-in session

Do you have any questions about the Programme now that it’s incorporated into your Units?  Would you like some hints & tips to help with planning your weekly nights with the girls?  Come along to this session and we will answer all your queries.

You don’t have to wait til May for help, please contact your Division Commissioner or guidingdevelopment@girlguidingglasgow.org.uk


Programme ~ Skills Builders

Training will cover all aspects of Skills Builders within the Programme and to give you lots of exciting ideas on how to assist the girls to fulfil them.

As you know there are 12 skills builder topics all linking with our programme themes and cover everything girls love about guiding from outdoor adventures to learning leadership skills.  There’s six stages to complete in each topic and girls earn a badge for every stage they complete. Each stage is a bit more challenging than the one before.

Skills builder stages are great for girls to work on in their regular unit meetings. There are five activities to complete at each stage, each one developed to work brilliantly as a small group activity. This means that several groups can be working on a different stage, or different topics, in the same meeting.

At each stage girls will also have an opportunity to develop their skills independently. Whether through preparing something for a group activity, creating something unique to them or by reflecting on what they’ve learnt during the activities they’ve done.


More information via GGUK here – https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/what-we-do/our-badges-and-activities/programme-for-every-girl/all-you-need-to-know-about-skills-builders/