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Safe Space ~ Levels 1 & 2

Our safeguarding training ensures that volunteers offer girls a safe space where they can have fun, learn and grow.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Because we know that when girls feel safe, they feel brave enough to do things they never thought they could. That’s why we’ve updated our A Safe Space training.  The new training will help you:

  • Understand your role in safeguarding and what to do
  • Recognise potential safeguarding issues
  • Understand our safety and safeguarding policies
  • Chat to others about what to do
  • Answer your questions

A Safe Space, Level 1 – An introduction

For all volunteers including occasional helpers, GO coordinators, home contacts, peer educators and young leaders.

People visiting units more than once should be asked to complete the Level 1 A Safe Space training. As we cannot log or enforce this training until someone is a registered volunteer on GO there is no need to ask for proof of completion. Anyone completing the eLearning can download and save or print a certificate at that time should they later want it as proof.

People visiting a unit once do not need to be asked to complete the Level 1 A Safe Space training but if returning,  please do ensure they are aware of the importance of understanding and implementing our safeguarding practice.

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A Safe Space, Level 2 – Creating a safe space

For leaders, assistant leaders, unit helpers, leaders in training, young leaders, peer educators and those that are doing level 3 and 4.

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Programme ~ Theme Awards

A session for Leaders of all sections to find out more about how to help the girls in your unit progress towards their programme theme awards. Take a close look at unit meeting activities and skills builders and learn about how to plan the programme to help girls of all ages choose their activities and enjoy a balanced and varied Girlguiding programme.

The programme is based around six themes including know myself, express myself, be well, have adventures and skills for my futures.   There are 12 skills builder topics and they all link with the programme themes, covering everything from outdoor adventures and first aid to learning leadership skills. Skills builders are designed to help girls develop core skills from networking to first aid and there’s six fun-filled stages to work through in each topic and girls earn a badge for every stage they complete!

Uniform to be worn.