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Baden Powell

The Baden-Powell award in the highest award a Guide can achieve.

In order to start the award each girl must show that she has been committed to Guiding for a minimum of 2 years as a Guide. She is then required to complete 10 challenges from 5 different zones, each designed to enhance her knowledge of the subject.

It is also an opportunity to learn about the Senior Section and what it has to offer.

The zones are:

  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Global Awareness
  • Discovery
  • Skills and Relationships
  • Celebrating Diversity

At the end of this she is required to take part in a BP adventure where she will meet new people, face new challenges, learn new skills and celebrate her achievement.

View the Baden-Powell Challenge Syllabus


When a girl is starting the award, her leader should complete the Glasgow BP Registration form. This enables our coordinator(s) to track how many girls we have working on the award and therefore enable us to plan enough adventures for each year.


Once a girl has completed 7 clauses of her award, she must complete the Glasgow BP Adventure Application form. We ask the girls to complete this as part of then taking responsibility for their award. It also allows us to let the girls have a say in their own adventure.

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Baden Powell Challenge