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Volunteer Spotlight: Heather

Our penultimate volunteer profile is Heather, our Queens Guide Advisor. Not only is she a great supporter of this special group of young women, she is an engineer, showing #GirlsCanDoAnything.

How long have you been in guiding?

21 years – ever since I was 5!

What got you involved in the first place & why do you stay involved?

My mum got me involved by taking me along to Rainbows. I enjoyed it & as I progressed through the age groups, I learnt that there is always a new opportunity waiting for you in the next section.

You’re currently a county adviser – What does your role do & how can you help other members of Girlguiding Glasgow?

I’m the Queens Guide adviser supporting any young woman who wants to undertake this award to do so to the best of their ability. I help them find opportunities for various clauses and answer all the questions they might have throughout their journey. The award takes 3 years to complete & is meant to be challenging – it’s fantastic to see them achieve the award.

What is the best bit about your county role?

I love speaking to all the young women doing the award who I’d not meet otherwise. They make me feel positive for the future of guiding.

What do you do for a day job?

I’m a civil engineer – my current project role is as a site engineer on the new forth road bridge!

What else do you do in Guiding?

I also run a brownie unit in Baillieston

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering (not just for guiding)?

Do it! It is so so rewarding and you get so much out of it. Even though you are giving your time, you get way more back in return.

The experiences you get through volunteering can be life changing so just give it a go!