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Rainbows at the Zoo

The start of May saw 50+ Rainbows head to Five Sisters Zoo for a very special celebration.

This year sees Rainbows turn 30 so we celebrated in style with hands on sessions with the animals, a picnic and a birthday cake

The 60th Rainbows had a blast – read on to find out what they got up to!

We had a great day at the Five Sisters Zoo..the rainbows loved the pet handling – (although is a snake a pet?) especially when it did a giant poo everywhere – yikes! They liked all of the animals and the ice creams too as it was a roasting hot day! And the playpark.



Emma and Mhairi (both 6), Lizzie, Sophie, Bailey, Gabrielle, (all 5) told us “The best best was the snake that poo’d everywhere, the wee mouse,and the wee hedgehog…and the play-park – always the play-park!”. They didn’t however like the walking.


Julie Pope (Rainbow Leader) & Laura Stoba (Brownie leader) went with the girls. They said “We liked the animal handling too and the birthday cake. Plus it was sunny, hooray!”. They didn’t have a bad word to say about the event & would encourage others to go along to a county event in the future. When asked if they’d do it again, they did admit to being fairly tired at the end of the day & had spent most of the day counting to 6!