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Historic roles and qualifications on GO

As a reminder, as of Friday 30 November 2018, the membership systems team will no longer be accepting historic role and qualification requests. Any emails received by this date will be processed. If a volunteer believes they are missing historic roles or qualifications, then please ensure the following information is sent to, with the subject: Historic Roles/qualifications, before the deadline i.e. 30 November 2018.

For historic roles send

  • Role held:
  • Name of unit/district/division:
  • Level number:
  • Date from:
  • Date to:

For historic qualifications send

  • Qualification name:
  • Module name (if any):
  • Completion date:

We have had to set this deadline because these updates require a lot of staff resource time that then impacts on our capacity to resolve other support queries. The requirement to ensure historic role/qualification information has been communicated to members since November 2016.

As historic role/qualification updates can only be added during our system maintenance period, there can be at least a two week wait for this information to be updated. We will acknowledge your email and let you know when we expect the record to be updated.


Historic girl roles

We are unable to action any requests to add an inactive historic role for a young member. If you would like to make a system suggestion for adding historic girl roles, please email

If you discover that a girl’s historic/missing role is recorded on another membership number, please send an email with the girl’s name and both membership numbers to so we can merge the records together.

Anniversary badges can still be awarded to girls without the badge being recorded on GO, even if the girl’s time in Guiding is showing incorrectly. The programme tool is available to help you manage young member achievements but should not stop you from awarding.

If you have any questions about the new programme, please contact