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Jill’s November Update

Wow, it is non-stop being a volunteer with Girlguiding Glasgow. I have had such a lovely month since I last wrote my blog and have attended lots of events!

First up was a day of blue sky thinking with our indoor and outdoor team down at ato give some serious thought to the direction the campsite should take over the next five years. The team were full of ideas and we had lots of discussion about how we can ensure we remain as one of the leading Scottish Girlguiding campsites. We were incredibly thankful for our skilful facilitator Susan Waugh from West Lothian County as we could have gone on discussing for hours once we were in the zone, however, Susan careful extracted the important points and brought the session to a close on time – which was no mean feat!

Next up was a get together of our District and Division Commissioners and we were delighted that Julie Christie, funding officer joined us for a very thought provoking session on grants and funding which certainly opened our eyes to the external funding streams available to support the activity we deliver in our units. We also had a Health and Safety officer join us to keep us up to speed on best practice for Risk Assessments; therefore, there was lots of valuable information to assist us in our roles as Commissioners.

Next up was a visit to the Glasgow Trefoil Guild Quiz which I have got to admit I was no great asset to the team I was part of. The rounds were incredibly challenging and I definitely learned a lot that I can hopefully use again the next time I am taking part in my local pub quiz! It was a most enjoyable evening and it was lovely having the time to catch up with the Trefoil members over a cup of tea.

My next flying visit was to our Girlguiding Glasgow BP weekend which for many of our Guides is one of the final elements to completing this award. It was lovely to chat with such enthusiastic Guides and hear about all the activities they have taken part in whilst completing the award. Many thanks go to our BP Coordinators Annie and Rachel and the leadership team who made the weekend possible. A reminder for Guide leaders to register Guides currently working on the award to allow the BP team to provide suitable and timely opportunities going forward.

Congratulations must also be given to; Janette Blakeway, Ina Leslie, May Madden, Linda Morton, Maureen Reid and Margaret Griffith from our County who were invited to attend the Girlguiding Thanks and Recognition Service at Westminster Abbey for the exceptional and dedicated service they have given to Guiding. On behalf of the County – Thank you and we sincerely hope you enjoyed the day!!

Thank you also is extended to members of Girlguiding Glasgow North East Division for representing the County at Glasgow’s Remembrance Sunday service in George Square.
As I sit and write my latest blog entry, I have just returned from the UK County Commissioner’s Conference in London and whilst I am tired and a bit overwhelmed, it was an inspiring weekend that firmly reminds me why I love volunteering with Girlguiding. I was given a brief update on the new programme developments which are being introduced for all sections; therefore, I do want to remind you that this month’s issue of the Guiding magazine is definitely worth a read as it contains key information regarding the exciting programme roll out.
I look forward to meeting you all at Girlguiding Glasgow Celebrates being held in Glasgow City Chambers on Tuesday 22nd November where we will have the opportunity to celebrate the success of our youth members and review what has been a fabulous year of Girlguiding Glasgow. To attend, please register here.

Jill Elborn | County Commisioner