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Price List

Girlguiding Glasgow Members

Building Max Youth (Max Adults) Price Per Night
Napier House 18 (6) £100
Fasgadh 12 (3) £40
Caladh^ 18 £40
Campsite* £3.50 (per person)

Other Girlguiding Members

Building  Max Youth (Max Adults) Price Per Night
Napier House  18 (6) £120
Fasgadh  12 (3) £50
Caladh^  18 £50
Campsite* £4.50 (per person)

^Caladh is open only from April till October

*The camping figure illustrated is for use of the toilet block within Caladh / Fasgadh and a site pitch only.  They would have access to the fridges in the camp hut and corridor of Caladh.

Small Camps

Groups of up to 10 pay a flat rate of £40 per night which includes solid shelter and campsite fees, subject to availability.

Solid Shelter

Solid shelter is a flat rate irrespective of emergency use or utilising craft / cooking / sleeping accommodation.